"Every pond is an ocean, every lake a universe,

and their tales yet to be told"


 The focus of our research  is to explore how the complex interaction between biology, chemistry, and geology shaped the Earth as we know it today;  Understanding the biogeochemical cycling of different elements in marine and marginal marine system, with a focus on the factors controlling their redox transformation and the mutual coupling between different reactions, is critical to comprehending the evolution of seawater chemistry on various timescales.



  • Geochemistry and Microbiology of the Nitrogen Cycle in surface sediments of the Gulf of Aqaba (Eilat), Red Sea -  Angeliki Marietou.

  • Investigating water depth controls on trace element ratios in the Gulf of Aqaba pore fluids. GoATER-iP (Gulf of Aqaba Trace Element Ratios in Porefluids) - Harold Bradbury , Alec Hutchings.

  • The impact of bioturbation on the marine sulfur cycle - Tal Yamin.

  • Effects of ocean acidification on phosphorus release from dust deposition in seawaterhe - Sivan Sharabi.

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